Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED Course Topics

Legal Consider

CPR and AED Algorithm

Minor Burns

Recognizing an Emergency


Critical Burns

Deciding to Help

Primary Assessment

Chemical Burns

Personal Safety

Secondary Assessment

Electrical Burns

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Ongoing Assessment

Altered Mental Status

Unresponsive and Not Breathing—CPR 

Pain, Severe Pressure, or Discomfort in the Chest

Breathing Difficulty, Shortness of Breath

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Managing Shock

Severe Abdominal Pain

Early Defibrillation


Ingested Poison

Chain of Survival

Impaled Object

Inhaled Poison Poison Poison

Chain of Survival for Children

Open Chest Injury


Chest Compression

Open Abdominal Injury

Spider Bites

Rescue Breaths – CPR Mask

Head, Neck, or Back Injury

Stinging Insects

Rescue Breaths – CPR Shield

Brain Injury

Tick Bites

Unresponsive and Breathing—Recovery Position

Swollen, Painful, Deformed Limb

Marine Animal Stings

Respiratory and Circulatory Systems

Impaled Object in the Eye

Human and Animal Bites

Basic AED Operation

Chemicals in the Eye

 Heat/Cold Emergencies
 AEDs and Children

Injured Tooth

Emotional Considerations



Illness-related Emergencies

Emergency Action Plans

 Nosebleed Emergency Moves