• CPR,AED, Basic First Aid - RSV $45.00
    Pediatric First Aid, CPR, & AED - RSV $45.00
    Basic LIfe Support (BLS) - RSV . $55.00
    Complete your hands on skills remotely ​during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    Remote Skills Verification (RSV) is being recommended by the CDC, ASHI, AHA, and the Red Cross ​to complete the ​hands-on ​skills portion of training. 

    Young Hearts Education provides Remote Skills Verification training.

    Remote Skills Classes times*:

    Monday- 10 am and 5:30 pm

    Tuesday- 3 pm

    Wednesday- 2:30 pm

    Thursday-7:30 pm

    Friday- 5:30 pm

    Saturday- 5:30 pm

    Sunday - Closed

    Other times available upon request and availability.

    *Time may vary.

    All classes include everything needed for certification at one price.

    In addition, you get the Passport smartphone app, 

    ​Learning Links, and a PDF copy of the student handbook.