CPR AED and Basic First Aid, Pediatric First Aid CPR and AED, Basic Life Support (BLS) Classes

All classes include everything needed for certification in one price.

In addition you get The Passport smartphone app, Learning Links, and a PDF copy of the student handbook.


CPR Classes for Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell and the surrounding area

Young Hearts Education is a proud provider of American Safety and Health Institute courses in CPR and First Aid. Our comprehensive CPR classes are fun and entertaining while teaching lifesaving skills. From Professional Health Care providers to teens, we have classes for everyone.

“You revert to your level of training.

You do not rise to the level of an event.”

Stabilizing an injured leg. Wilderness first aid

Is your training enough to make a difference when it really counts.Let us help build your confidence and skills so you can make a difference.

Are you prepared to take action and save the life of a loved one?

Did you know 80% of sudden cardiac Arrests occur in the home? 60% of them are witnessed by a family member and only 20% receive any form of CPR. 

Sadly, 70% of Americans may feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency because they either do not know how to administer CPR or their training has significantly lapsed.   Put very simply:  The life you save with CPR is mostly likely to be someone you love!

CPR, AED, Basic First Aid Certification

CPR, AED, and Basic First AidCompressions classes help develop basic first aid knowledge, skills, and the confidence to respond. CPR, AED, and Basic First Aid combination training is an excellent choice for both the community and workplace setting.

This course is perfect for individuals who require or desire CPR, AED, and first aid knowledge and skills; including emergency response teams in business and industry, school bus drivers, adult residential care personnel, certified home teachers, parents, and babysitters. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a 2 year certification from ASHI.

CPR, AED, and Basic First Aid Classes

Pediatric First Aid, CPR, and AED Certification

ped-cprThe Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED Ped-CPRprogram helps develop basic first aid knowledge, skills, and the confidence to respond. Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED combination training is an excellent choice for both the community and workplace setting. Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED program is intended to help ensure the health and safety of children.

Who should take this course? Individuals who require or desire pediatric first aid knowledge and skills; including school bus drivers, child care workers, teachers, parents, and babysitters. This Pediatric First Aid and CPR course meets the City of Boise and Idaho State Childcare CPR requirements. Students receive a 2 year certification from ASHI upon the completion of this course.

Pediatric First aid, CPR, and AED Classes

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification

Basic Life Support;(BLS) Basic Life Supportprogram teaches students how to recognize adult and pediatric life-threatening emergencies, how to provide basic life support (BLS) and what to do in case of an airway obstruction or choking. CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer has been approved for training for Emergency Medical Services personnel and is accepted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT).

Who should take this course?Basic LIfe Support (BLS) is designed for individuals in the healthcare or professional rescuer field that are required to have a professional-level basic life support training. A 2 year certification from ASHI is given to students who complete the course.

Healthcare provider CPR Classes

Child and Babysitting Safety Certification Classes

The Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) Babysitterclass, pre-teens and teens will learn about choking, water hazards, fun activities to entertain children of various age groups, infant and child feeding, diapering procedures, providing emergency care, basic first aid care and much more! This course will prepare you to start and run a successful babysitting business.

Child and Babysitting Safety Classes

Blended Learning Certification

Blended courses combine computer lecture with hands on skills,blended Blended courses in CPR, AED and Basic First Aid, Pediatric First Aid, CPR and AED, and Basic Life Support are perfect for students who already have a busy schedule. Employers who want to minimize training time away from the employee’s work station find the blended courses work ideally.

The lecture portion of the class is done online, at the convenience of the student. It can be started and stopped as needed. When the online portion is complete, the student will come in for the hands on skills demonstration with a certified instructor. A 2 year CPR certification from ASHI will be issued upon completion of the skills portion of the class.

Blended Learning Classes

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