Advanced Cardiac Life Support

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The Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) program was created to train emergency personnel to recognize cardiopulmonary emergencies (including cardiac arrest and peri-arrest conditions) and other medical conditions that require rapid initial emergency care. The program covers the initial actions of an emergency response team, evaluating airway management, dysrhythmia recognition, electrical interventions, and pharmacologic interventions.

Who should take this course?

ACLS is intended for emergency personnel in intensive care or critical care departments and emergency medical providers.

• ABCDs of Emergency Cardiac Care• Rhythm Recognition and Management
• Electrical Therapy• Airway Management
• Teaching Case Studies• Evaluation Case Studies


 Training and education in cardiac rhythm analysis (ECG interpretation) and cardiovascular pharmacology. Professional-level Basic Life Support (BLS/CPR/AED) required or included in ACLS course.

Continuing Education Hours (CEH) for EMS professionals are available for ASHI ALCS from Health & Safety Institute (HSI), a Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services (CECBEMS) Accredited Organization.

Ventilation Rates

˜”Minute volume is the amount of air that is moved in and out of the respiratory tract over the course of 1 minute. It is determined by multiplying the tidal volume by the ventilatory rate (breaths/min).”