Instructor Development

The Instructor Development Course is designed to provide new Instructors a strong foundation in teaching knowledge and skill. The fundamental objective is to help participants develop sufficient confidence and competence to teach, evaluate, and certify participants in ASHI Training Programs.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for people with little or no previous teaching experience who desire or require sufficient competency to teach, evaluate, and certify participants in ASHI Training Programs and/or Instructors whose teaching certification has lapsed.

Roles and Responsibilities Administrative IssuesLegal/Ethical issues
Learning EnvironmentLearning StylesGoals, Objectives, and using Lesson Plans
Presentation skillsCommunication and FeedbackEvaluation Techniques
Facilitation TechniquesTeaching Psychomotor SkillsDiscipline
Cultural AwarenessOverview of ASHI ProgramsTraining Equipment

Current, Valid student-level certification in the training programs the Instructor candidate wishes to teach and/or competent demonstration of student-level skills assessed by an instructor trainer.

A. In order for instruction to have meaning, all education should always have goals and objectives.

1. Without goals and objectives the instructor would not know what to teach and students would not know what they are expected to learn.”