Child Babysitting Safety

In the Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) course, you will learn about choking, water hazards, fun activities to entertain children of various age groups, infant and child feeding, diapering procedures, providing emergency care, basic first aid care and much more!

Who should take this course?

Adolescents who want to start and run a successful babysitting business.

Starting Your Business Water Hazards
Before the Parents Leave Infant and Child Feeding
Playtime Diapering Procedures
Taming the Tots/ We Shake Rattles, Not Babies Infant Sleep Time/Child Sleep Time
Telephone Calls/When a Stranger Knocks Providing Emergency Care/Choking and CPR (Introduction)
Hand-washing Basic First Aid Care
  • Please have your child bring a sack lunch, refillable water bottle, and snack for the afternoon.
  • Class registration is 30 minutes prior to class start. Please come with your child to complete any paperwork and consents required to attend the class.
  • Class starts promptly at the scheduled time.
  • Parents: Please arrive at 20 minutes before class completion to participate in the graduation ceremony and pick your child up. Bring your camera!


There is important information you need before the parents leave. If the parents have not already furnished this Information, it then becomes your responsibility to get it. Refer to the inside back cover for “Babysitter’s Job Information Sheet.” This is a reproducible form that you can take with you to make sure that you have all of the Information you need before the parents leave. Use one form per child. Keep the form neat and up-to-date. Give it to EMS workers, firefighters or police officers in an emergency.”