Advanced First Aid

Advanced First Aid

The Advanced First Aid program is designed for the person who needs or desires more first aid training than Basic First Aid, but not to the level of Emergency Medical Response. Perfect for corporate emergency response teams, this 21 hour course presents many of the most common illnesses and injuries responders are likely to encounter.

 Who should take this course?

This course is designed for non-EMS responders including government, corporate, industry, lifeguards, security personnel, law enforcement, corrections personnel and other individuals who are not EMS or healthcare providers but desire certification in Advanced First Aid.

Introduction to EMS SystemsPrinciples of AssessmentMultiple-Casualty Incidents and Principles of Triage
Legal and Ethical Principles of Emergency Care Medical EmergenciesChildbirth
Wellness and Safety of the First ResponderSoft Tissue Injuries and ShockBlood Pressure Monitoring
Introduction to  AnatomyMuscle and Bone InjuriesAirway Adjuncts, Suctioning, and Oxygen Therapy
Lifting, Moving and PositioningHead and Spine InjuriesWeapons of Mass Destruction and the Terrorist Threat
Airway Management and Rescue Breathing  

Current, valid professional-level BLS certification (CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer)—may be incorporated/ conducted in conjunction with the AFA program as needed.)

Being exposed to a person’s blood or body fluids is a risk, but that risk is easily mitigated by taking proper precautions, such as wearing gloves and eye protection. In most situations you can easily and safely care for an ill or injured person when proper precautions are taken. “